The complete XPocket ecosystem is powered by the Ethereum based token called POCKET token. POCKET token is the fuel of PocketSwap and Yield Farming. Top 150 XPocket token holders will earn 0.05% from the trade fees on PocketSwap.

These are the tokens that you would be obtaining in our token sale.

POCKET Token distribution:

Symbol: POCKET
Type: ERC-20
Total Supply: 50,000,000
Contract address:

As we can see from the token distribution chart above, most of the tokens in the team hands will be instantly time-locked.
The exact info on lock periods:
– 55% Token Sale
(All remaining tokens after the presale will be burned, if there are any left)
– 25% Further App developments, Marketing, Exchange listings
(50% of the supply allocated for these purposes will be locked until Q2 2021)
– 10% Uniswap & PocketSwap Liqudity
(Around 5 million POCKET token will be instantly locked on, once the PocketSwap goes live, the team will migrate the liqudity to PocketSwap)
– 10% The Team
(5 Million POCKET tokens will be spread between the team members according to their position. 100% of the supply allocated for the team will be instantly locked.
The supply for the team members will get unlocked in every quarter of the year 2021 — January 25%, April 25%, July 25%, October 25%)